is a high-end women’s clothing start-up with global aspirations.

The company has plans to become an independent designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and direct online retailer of garments and accessories created to fill the market gap between ‘fast fashion’ commercial chain stores and top of the range fashion houses.

The founders’ vision is to build an elegant and aspirational range of women’s clothing and accessory lines for the global market, whilst maintaining a realistic view of women’s varying sizes and shapes at an approachable price point.

By striving for perfect fit through a combination of design and emerging technology, we intend to avoid overproduction. This approach will minimise the volume of unsold and unworn garments heading to landfill, which in turn allows garments to be sold at a lower price point and minimise carbon footprint.

Absolute transparency to promote environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices in the supply chain will form an important element of the brand’s ethos.

The intention is to build significant market share by maintaining a unique approach to design concepts and to be a market leader rather than a follower of existing trends.

The Justin Jenn™ brand will encapsulate the company’s corporate philosophy that ‘The Collection is the Star’.


Justin Jenn Collection Pty Ltd is seeking seed capital investors.

A compelling case for investment is outlined in an Information Memorandum available upon request.


All enquiries: contact@justinjenn.com